• akaface

    Stefan Anderson

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  • Fan

    Fan Yang

    Fan Yang is one of the most well-known players on the professional Heroes of the Storm circuit, having distinguished himself from his competition with multiple top finishes. After smashing his way to first place in Heroes of the Dorm 2015, he then went on to win the championship at Heroes Major League, Road to Blizzcon – America 2015, and eventually the Heroes of the Storm World Championship, among many other notable wins and placements. Fan is also well-known to the HotS community as one of its most prolific streamers and content producers. Having played for Cloud9 and Team Naventic, he now games for Gale Force as a melee-ranged flex player....Read More

  • Khroen

    Khalif Hashim

    Khalif "Khroen" Hashim currently plays ranged assassin for the Gale Force team, but he made a name for himself long before joining the team. With multiple top finishes in the professional Heroes of the Storm scene, including a first place win at ESL Burbank, Khroen is also known for his insightful presence in the HotS streaming community. He's also placed in the top 100 NA in Hearthstone, with numerous Legend seasonal finishes....Read More

  • michaeludall

    Michael Udall

    Michael Udall first exploded onto the professional Heroes of the Storm scene with back-to-back Heroes of the Dorm top finishes, placing second with his ASU team in 2015 and finishing first in 2016. He then went on to play with multiple professional HotS teams, including The Rising Taquitos (along with fellow GFE competitor akaface), Kappa Wolves, and Panda Global. As an integral part of the Gale Force roster, he shotcalls and drafts, as well as playing melee flex for the team. ...Read More