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  • Fri 31st Mar 2017 - 12:30pm
    Once again, these are slow tension movements not strength endurance movements. For example, if you are familiar with the single arm turkish getup then you know that it is one concentrated and controlled movement of the body that yields a high level of exertion for a single repetition! This high level of exertion is caused from you having to MI Cuerpo De Bikini statically hold the kettlebell above your head throughout the entire attempt of you getting from the ground to your feet. This steady hold is what gets you a high level of muscular tension, therefore producing a high level of strength for your body. The beauty is that you are also getting the benefit of some significant cardiovascular conditioning with this movement even though it is a slower groove.

    For you to gain total control of handling the unique design of the kettlebell you must practice the slower tension movements. This will produce a great bit of total-body strength for you to handle heavier loads. Practice flawlessly and practice often my friends!The barbell bench press is the big celebrity of weight lifting. In the weight room it is the most used station. In the office it is the common denominator. "What do you bench?" is the big question.Here are some quick tips to help you look like a veteran during your bench routine.Warm up! It amazes me how often I see individuals stroll into the gym, slap a couple of big plates on the barbell and squeeze out a few painful reps on the bench.I think it has to do with the ego and pride related to the bench press. We just can not bare to be seen pushing up a lesser amount. If someone does put on a lighter weight they have to announce loudly that they are just warming up or having a bad day.

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