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  • Wed 29th Mar 2017 - 6:09am
    A Caution About The Style Itself Lots of times you confer with your girlfriend that has just got her hair done and she is complaining regarding how tight it is actually or on deeper observation, you can easily see the scalp being pulled by the hair and from pure observation it looks quite painful. Or how many of us have in our bag a reliable piece of wire or hairpin, pick or as my mum employed "a knitting needle". The aim, to prod and poke at our heads when the braids are causing Regrow Hair Protocol it to itch, hurt or in any manner lead to irritation.Better yet, how many of you have "pat the head syndrome". You know to relieve the agony from too tight braids? Well, I have one thing to suggest, when you have to be digging, scratching or patting your hair you've got a problem or problems. Your hair may require washing or treating, they may have been done too tight or the extensions that you've used don't necessarily agree with your scalp. In short there is an allergic problem.

    Because you see a style that appears great, doesn't mean that it is for you. Watch out for styles that place unnecessary tension on the hairline, are extremely tight, and are also too weighty. In addition be sure the Stylist, Hairdresser or your cousin is familiar with what he/she is doing before going to let that individual touch your hair.Health Related Look At Braids Plus Hair-lossAccording to a medical study reported on CNN, doing your hair this way has already been linked with balding, particularly in African-American older women having Diabetes. This was originally attributed to "hot comb" syndrome but have been lately linked to braids and diabetes. Now in many ways this is hardly a big surprise since sometimes you'll see friends or other females with braids and all of their hairline is fully gone. My verdict is the fact that most of these females have done it too much, too tight and kept them on very long.

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