Power Rankings: A look at North America Heroes of the Storm

Sat 21st May 2016 - 3:27am Heroes of the Storm

This is a new series I’d like to start doing every week. I’m going to give my opinion on the top teams in North American Heroes of the Storm and how they stack up against each other. That being said, This is nothing more than my personal opinion and how I feel about these teams.

#1 Naventic - Naventic has shown that they are the most dominate force in North America ever since the release of Erho and the Acquisition of bigEmpct. Moving Zuna to warriors and allowing him to shot call from that role has turned out to be a huge success along with the mechanical prowess of bigEmpct on ranged assassin. Although they still have some issues to iron out, I believe they will be within the top 2 of NA for a long time coming.

#2 Gale Force eSports - I strongly believe GFE will show up big time in Burbank. After a great showing at Dreamhack Austin, Gale Force is ready to come out swinging, showing NA and the rest of the world what they have. The strong shotcalling capability from MichaelUdall and the team’s ability to bust out any hero or composition when needed is a huge strength.

#3 Panda Global - This mashup of Former Team Blaze members Yuuj, Jason, Kladeous and Bkid, along with Panda Global member Pslam turned out to be a dominate force within the Heroes competitive scene. Although they still have some room to grow, it won’t be long until this team is at the top of their game.

#4 Brain Power (formerly Cognitive) - With the news this week of tank player Cattlepillar leaving and joining Cloud 9, this roster is going to be struggling. Losing not just one of the best tank players in NA, but also losing your primary shotcaller is going to be a rough task to overcome.
Depending on the 5th and final member Brain Power decides upon to fill their remaining slot will decide where this team lands.

#5 Astral Authority - When Tomster left AA (then Gust or Bust) to join Tempo Storm, the question was who would fill the void left and would they be as successful? The answer is Equinox, and Yes, if not more successful than they were previously. Equinox has found his perfect fit within this lineup and it shows. Through great shotcalling and melee assassin play, Astral Authority is a team that has the potential to upset any team, although some weaker ranged play does hold them back, this team still has room improve and grow.

#6 Cloud 9 - I know what you’re thinking. “Are you serious? Cloud 9 at number 6?”. Yes, I am serious. Cloud 9 has not been at the top of their game since they returned from China at the start of the year. I think the team has lost some drive, with that, they also have something to prove and that can be terrifying to play against. Removing their weak link in Arthelon and finally getting a dedicated shotcaller in the form of Cattlepillar, this team has the ability to reclaim their throne as a top tier NA team, I just don’t think it will happen immediately.

#7 TNC - TNC or Team Name Change (formerly THC or Team Higher Consciousness) is still a young roster that has a lot of room to grow before being near the middle to top of NA. Although they upset Cloud 9 in the ESL LA Qualifier #3, they still have a lot of sloppy team fights and poor decision making when they are behind. I think this team will grow and improve, but it’s a long road they’ve got ahead of them.

#8 Tempo Storm - A year ago Tempo Storm would be in the top 2 no questions asked, That’s not the case anymore though. With essentially an entirely new roster (the only returning member is Kaeyoh) and some even more recent roster changes (erho is out and tigerjk is in) this roster is currently a mess. Although they have some very good players (Goku is a standout for me) this roster needs cohesion before they can make a run at the top echelon of NA teams. Hopefully this roster sticks together and improves or it could be back to the drawing boards.




Chris S

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