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Tue 19th Apr 2016 - 12:58am Heroes of the Storm

Hey everyone. This is Khalif “Khroen” Hashim, Gale Force eSports’ flex player.
As we can see from recent tournaments, Zagara’s Nydus Worm is now beginning to see a bit more competitive viability due to the recent changes in the Dehaka patch.
Why is this?
Well let’s start with the changes - 
Being inside of Nydus Worm now allows you to restore both health and mana at the same exact rate as being in the Hall of Storms (your base/respawn area). In addition, Zagara can now exit Nydus instantly, and can do so by right clicking the minimap as well. These changes seem easy to look over, and at first, you might just think that Devouring Maw is still just the better heroic choice, however there’s more to these changes than meet the eye.

Let’s continue with what maps Nydus Worm is viable on, some maps that it’s maybe not so good on, and some maps where in specific scenarios it can be viable.
Good Maps:
Cursed Hollow
Sky Temple
Infernal Shrines
Garden of Terror
Not So Good Maps:
Battlefield of Eternity
Tomb of the Spider Queen
Blackheart’s Bay
Specific Scenario Maps:
Dragon Shire
Towes of Doom

So why are these maps in these categories?
Well as we can see in all of the “Good Maps”, These are larger maps, maps where Zagara can split push the opposite lane from her team and be at a team fight in only a couple seconds of channeling. Zagara can output the same level of global pressure as a split pushing Brightwing or Falstad, if not better, due to Zagara’s being able to push lanes much faster than other heroes.

Let’s make a mock scenario in which Nydus Worm is effective:
It’s Cursed Hollow, both teams are level 9 approaching level 10 and your team is up 2 Tributes to 0. You’re currently pushing top lane versus the enemy Thrall. This is a pretty even lane, you’ve managed to get maybe half of a tower’s worth of damage but that’s all so far. The third Tribute spawns bottom side, and the enemy thrall rotates down immediately, however you have other plans. As the thrall manages to make it down to the Tribute fight, you’ve taken down that half hp tower and you’re about to kill the second tower. You ping “On The Way” to your team and right as that tower goes down, your team reaches level 10, when your enemy is level 9 and ¾.
You pick Nydus Worm, slam it down and appear right next to your team (Or maybe even flanking them) and manage to kill most of the enemy heroes with your teams level 10 advantage, and you make the call to kill the enemies boss since you’re so close to it. Your team caps the boss right as the enemy is hitting level 10, you cap the Tribute and push middle lane. The boss gets all of bottom fort before the enemy clears it, and you and your team have taken down their middle and top forts, effectively snowballing you into a 2-3 level lead and in a dominant position to win the game.
The End.

You might be saying, well that is just an optimal situation, that probably will never happen, and even if it does, my team won’t do all of that. While this might be true, you do have to take into account all that Zagara’s Nydus worm can do. Even if it’s not in a perfect situation, Zagara’s Nydus worm still allows you to create immense global pressure, perhaps forcing one or two heroes to come and deal with you.  As soon as this happens, you back off and Nydus to your team, continuing to push and therefore getting ahead on experience. Need to base ever?
Nope, just hop into Nydus and do what your base does as well as go anywhere on the map you have vision of.
Is a member of your team 1v1 or 1v2 fighting across the map? Bam, Nydus there and turn the tides of battle.
Is an objective spawning but no one’s in position? Bam. Nydus your Zerg butt over there (No human butts are allowed). Needless to keep repeating, there are countless scenarios in which Zagara’s Nydus Worm can achieve value.

Wait, what about the “Not So Good” maps?
Well, these maps are generally smaller, and Nydus Worm isn’t really able to achieve maximum effectiveness because enemy heroes can easily rotate to deal with you, and if you Nydus away, they can be there in say 5 seconds, instead of 10 or 15. All in all, more room to work with is a good thing for Nydus Worm.
So then what about the “Specific Scenarios”? Dragon shire is a smaller map such as tomb or battlefield, so naturally Nydus Worm would perform worse than if it were on a map such as Cursed Hollow, however, I must ask you one question.Do you like cheese? If the answer was no, then it’s okay, you can take Nydus worm for what it’s worth. However, if the answer was yes, let me generate another hypothetical. The map is Dragon shire and you have another interesting specialist on your team by the name of Abathur. He has taken the level 4 talent, “Ballistospores”, and can now lay mines down globally. Even say, behind the enemy keeps. He also will pick the level 10 Heroic, “Ultimate Evolution”. Remember when I said that you needed vision to place Zagara’s Nydus Worm? Well it’s a good thing you have this Abathur.

Abathur sets up a mine behind the enemy’s bottom keep. Right as you hit 10, you take Nydus, and go behind the enemy keep as well. Important: DO NOT PLACE YOUR NYDUS WITHIN RANGE TO BE HIT BY ANY SCRUCTURES.
As soon as your Nydus Worm shows up in you’re the enemy base, you’re already there. Abathur uses his Ultimate Evolution on you and you have two Zagara’s wailing on their keep. Depend on how caught off guard the enemy is, you might even take the whole keep on the first try, but the bigger advantage comes in the map pressure you gain.
It’s very easy to be able to take shrine control on both shrines as the enemy will be forced to either lose a keep and keep control of the map, or defend against the Zagara’s, still lose half, or even more of their keep, and maybe even lose a Dragon Knight in the process. Allowing your team to push down the enemy structures, and gain a lead.
The end.

It’s also important to realize that in doing this as Zagara, your life is not forfeit, as soon as the enemy tries to come kill you, you hop right back in your Nydus Worm and escape to safety, leaving the clone to do as much work as possible before it either times out, or is slain by the enemy.

In conclusion there’s just one more piece of information that I find appealing about Zagara’s Nydus Worm, which is the ability to block the pathing of your enemy. Nydus Worm is impassable terrain, and can be used in small areas to trap the enemy. The nice thing is, you can place Nydus Worm down from anywhere on the map.
If an enemy is running away from your team down a choke point, you can block it off with one Nydus placement. The unfortunate thing is, you can’t create a wall of two Nydus’ right next to each other, there has to be some space between them, but sometimes one Nydus Worm is enough to do the trick.
Thanks for taking the time to read through this!



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