Dreamhack Qualifier #1 Overview

Fri 15th Apr 2016 - 9:43pm Heroes of the Storm

Day 1 - 

This week we got the chance to catch the NA teams as they duke it out to see who would come out on top for the first Dreamhack Qualifier.  Gale Force got the chance to show off our new roster, taking down both 2Arc and Team Deadlyice in swift 2-0 matches.

The first match against 2Arc took place on Towers of Doom. The early game was in our favor, trading shrines and leading in kills but the game took a turn around level 10 and we started to fall behind. Our comp began to shine between levels 16 and 20 allowing us to recover and take a game one victory.

Game two was fought on Infernal Shrines and was an exciting back and forth fight to the finish.Running a global focused composition, we were able to dictate how late game was fought and were able to win the game off a late game teamfight focused around the middle shrine and push core.

The top 8 landscape looks similar yet different going into day 2. Our top 8 teams are currently as follows - Cloud 9, Gust or Bust, Tempo Storm, Team Blaze, Naventic, Gale Force eSports, Cognitive gaming and Panda Global. All of these teams were able to make top 8 with convincing 2-0 sweeps in each series (other than Tempo Storm and Team Blaze).

Day 2 - 

Day 2 saw Gale Force taking on Team Naventic in what turned out to be an incredbly close series.

Game 1 took place on Towers of Doom and saw Naventic draft solo tank Dehaka into our double support (Brightwing + Tassadar) composition. Taking an early game lead we pushed our advantage and acted aggressively, forcing Naventic to play on the back foot.  The game proceeded to equal out but we were much further ahead in core health. With a final late game fight we secured the final shrine needed and took game 1!

The second match was played on Infernal shrines and saw Gale Force grabbing solo tank Dehaka for the round. Naventic took the lead from the start and refused to give it up, but that doesn't mean we had to give them an easy game. Fighting back and forth for 26 mintues, the game finally came to a close and saw Naventic taking game 2 of the series.

In the final match played on Tomb of the Spider Queen, we saw Naventic playing a unique comp that included Li-Ming, solo support Tassadar and solo tank Dehaka. Gale Force drafted an in your face comp featuring E.T.C, Sonya and Thrall.
This 29 minute match saw both teams fighting back and forth for control of the map objective. Although Gale Force put up a valiant effort, it wasn't quite enough to take the win. Naventic went on to take Game 3 and the series.

Naventic was then able to go on and take down Cognitive Gaming 2-1 and qualify for Dreamhack Austin. On the other side of the bracket, Gust or Bust was able to take a game off of Cloud 9 but unfortunately wasn't able to take the series. Tempo Storm however was able to first take a 2-0 victory over Team Blaze and then went on to defeat Cloud 9 2-1 and win their own ticket to Dreamhack Austin.

Congradulations to both Tempo Storm and Naventic for qualifying for Dreamhack Austin. We will be back this weekend to fight for our chance at qualifying. We hope to see you there, cheering us on!
Be sure to catch the qualfiers on either Zoia or Gillyweeds channel. or



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