Lord of the Worgen - A look at Greymane's Hero League Talents!

Fri 1st Jul 2016 - 10:57pm Heroes of the Storm

Greymane -

Greymane is Heroes of the Storm first assassin to feature 2 gameplay styles. He has a Human form (Ranged) and a Worgen form (Melee).  In Warcraft lore, Genn Greymane is the current King of Gilneas. During the Second war, Greymane met with the other city leaders to form “The Alliance of Lordaeron” to counter the threat of the horde. After the war ended, he decided Gilneas would not and could not pay for the wars of other nations and withdrew his community from the Alliance. With the Third war being waged, Greymane Instructed Archmage Arugal to summon feral worgen to protect Gilneas. The plan unfortunately backfired and the worgen curse would run rampant among the Gilneas population. When the Forsaken (lead by Sylvanas) invaded, he let his people know he was also afflicted with the curse, and to his surprise, they accepted him and rallied to him when he called for a counter attack. After losing his son to the hands of Sylvanas Windrunner, Greymane and the rest of Gilneas rejoined the Alliance.

Let’s take a look at Greymane’s base abilities and heroic choices before going over my Hero League focused talent build.

Q - Human form: Gilnean Cocktail - Throw a flask that deals damage and explodes for more damage behind the first target hit.
Worgen form: Razor Swipe - Swipe forward dealing damage.

W - Inner Beast (Useable in both Human and Worgen form) - Gain 50% attack speed for 3 seconds. Basic attacks refresh the duration.

E - Human Form: Darkflight - Shapeshift into a Worgen and deal damage.
Worgen Form: Disengage - Roll away and shapeshift into a Human.

R - Go for the Throat - Leap at an enemy hero and swipe 3 times dealing damage. If this ability kills an enemy hero, You may cast it a second time for free within 10 seconds.
Marked for the Kill - Shapeshift into a Human and fire a shot dealing damage. For 5 seconds, They’re vulnerable, and take 25% more damage, and you can reactivate this ability to jump at them in Worgen form.

Now that we know Greymane’s base abilities let’s go over my Talent build.

Level 1 - Viciousness: Increases Inner Beast’s duration to 4 seconds, and causes ability damage to refresh the duration.

Level 4 - Eyes in the Dark: Disengage grants stealth for 4 seconds.

Level 7 - Wizened Duelist: Hero takedowns increase basic attack damage by 3%, up to a maximum of 30%. Bonus lost on death.

Level 10 - Go for the Throat: Leap at an enemy hero and swipe 3 times dealing damage. If this ability kills an enemy hero, You may cast it a second time for free within 10 seconds.

Level 13 - Running Wild: Increases Darkflight and Disengage’s range by 35%.

Level 16 - Alpha Killer: Worgen basic attacks against heroes deal bonus damage equaling 3% of the target’s maximum health. - OR - Relentless Predator: Reduces the durations of silences, stuns, roots, slows and polymorphs against you by 75% while in Worgen form.

Level 20 - This is the talent tier I’m the most undecided on and bounce around. I really like Unleashed (If the free cast of Go for the Throat kills its target, another free cast is provided) for end game team fights against squishy teams. Although I think Hunter’s Blunderbuss is a safe choice as well for the late game (Human basic attacks splash for 100% damage behind the target). I recommend these for Level 20, but take whatever suits you best.

Greymane, while being pretty squishy and easily killed, can be a huge annoyance on the battlefield and cause a lot of havoc while also dealing huge damage and blowing up a squishy target anytime past level 10. Taking the stealth at level 4 and the range increase at 13 I feel gives you enough movement and mobility to avoid easy deaths and become a bigger threat to the enemy team. I play a very melee focused build as I think it’s the stronger way to play him as of the current moment Greymane is a great hero to help you climb within Hero League and I hope this guide helps you on the right path to playing him successfully!



Chris S

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