Overwatch: An Introduction to Soldier:76

Mon 25th Apr 2016 - 7:20am Gaming


Soldier:76 was one of the original members of Overwatch and a close friend of Reaper. The two had a difference of opinion over the definition of leadership and had a falling out. Now, the vigilante known as Soldier:76 wages a personal war to find those responsible for Overwatch’s fall, he will stop at nothing to bring them to justice.

In game, Soldier:76 is an offensive character, focused on doing damage and killing enemies as well as pushing the objective. His abilities are as follows -  E is Biotic Field, healing him for 35 hp per second and lasts for 5 seconds on a 15 second cooldown. Right Click is Helix Rockets, Tiny rockets spiral out of his assault rifle and explode in a small radius. His Shift ability is Sprint and allows him to run faster. He is the only character in the game to have Sprint and can use it to his advantage to make up for his average movement speed. The Ultimate Ability that Soldier:76 has is called Tactical Visor and allows him to lock onto the closest threat . If an enemy leave his line of sight he can quickly switch to another target. Also, his reload time is greatly reduced while his ultimate is active.

Soldier:76 plays like a basic shooter character to me. He feels very standard but is also incredibly fun to play. His Self heal is very powerful for trading as well as shooting rockets to secure kills if needed. His Ultimate plays into his kit and let’s him just rain down bullets on his opponents. He shines on Payload focused maps and can even be played defensively if your team needs some extra damage since he provides so much. Points of weakness include low movement speed (Sprint helps, but as a base movement level, he isn’t very fast on his feet) along with a lower health pool (he isn’t a tank obviously, but you can get melted down and crowd controlled easily by a tank if you get caught)

In my opinion he has a few counters that can give him a hard time, on the Tank front, both Reinhardt and D.Va give Soldier a hard time. Reinhardt due to his shield and ability to both charge and knock you down. D.Va is great against you due to her high health pool and ability to trade decent damage against you. I also think Mercy is a decent counter due to the ability to just outheal your damage against a target.

To close this out, Soldier:76, while being one of my favorite heroes to play, is also very easy to pick up and play. Being the closest thing to a standard shooter play style found in most modern first person shooters. If you’re looking to jump into Overwatch and grab a hero that’s easy to learn and fun to play, Consider Soldier:76!




Chris S

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